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Classic Dry

A blend of Maine-grown dessert fruit, our flagship cider is light, crisp, and dry, but not too tart.

Enjoy year round in 12oz cans or on draft

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Berry Medley

Accented with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, which lend a familiar berry tartness, this cider has a clean fruit flavor and playful rosé color.

Enjoy year round in 12oz cans.

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A word that traditionally means 'cider fermented with honey' our Cyser [SIGH-zuhr] is just barely off-dry with a delicate honey nose a slightly smooth honey palette.

Enjoy year round in 16oz cans.

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The Intervale sits just below the heart of historic New Gloucester. Just as it evokes the agricultural heritage of the town, so too does this cider harken back to ciders of the past. A dry heritage style cider made from bittersweet cider and dessert apple varieties, much like it would have been when the town was much younger than it is today.

Produced annually in 12oz cans.

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Think autumn. Dry hard cider steeped with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, our Spice is like a tart apple pie in a can. When the temperature drops, there is no better companion drink.

Enjoy seasonally, Sept-Feb in 12oz cans.

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Big Falls

Half Classic Dry blend, half bittersweet cider fruit, another 10% wild/foraged fruit. That's right, we packed 110% flavor into this wonderful special release to coincide with our first annual music and cider fest of the same name. Canned August 2022. Available while supplies last!

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Inter-Urban - July 2023

Named after the old rail line through town from Portland to Lewiston, this dry cider is infused with fresh spruce tips for a bright pine-like flavor and not as botanical as gin. You may not expect it, but you just might love it.

Produced annually in 12oz cans.

Barrel Series

This is gonna get wild! Four oak barrels at a time from all four corners of the globe, and when they're gone it's on to the next four.


Next Release Date: September 10


Dry Vermouth